Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank you, thank you very much!

Elvis has left the building so it's just me. I'm so excited to have completed these thank you cards. A very big thanks to Tami Mayberry for the free digital image. I'm just sorry I don't know how to link her Spriltcoast Stamp gallery here.

Keeping the original size of the downloaded image, I was able to copy four images on to one sheet of letter size cardstock. I scrounged through my scraps for four different colors of solid card stock. The simple lines of the image are enough I think.

Since I haven't gotten into a lot of embellishments on my
cards, I didn't have any trouble keeping it simple. I might have embossed the colored cardstock if I had a Big
Shot with an embossing file to use.

Actually, I ordered a Big Shot from Amazon last night. It was 40% of the suggested MSRP and included free shipping. I called to cancel the shipment this

morning. I DO NOT need another expensive toy. I've already got a Side Kick. Granted it doesn't do embossing, but I can buy cardstock already embossed for a lot less. If I was 20 years younger I would definitely have to have it.

Looks like I might be on a roll! I'll do laundry tomorrow, maybe. It's back to the table . . . . {{{hugs}}}


Crystal said...

Judy this is soooo pretty, I just love these colors and this crisp clean look!!! Beautiful!

Tami Mayberry said...

very cool! Love those cards! :)