Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterfly Kisses!

What can I say about this card? I really started out wanting to do the Midnight Madness sketch challenge. It 'ain't gonna happen! I really don't like the sketch.. offense.. ..I just couldn't get a handle on it. I chose the butterfly stamp to use with the "Pulling Pastels" video that Gina K. did on Stamp TV. It really looked cool on the sample I did, but had a problem finding papers to use. I recently ran across this stack of papers that I bought eons ago. Why, I don't know. I'm really not crazy about it now. The purple ink pad was included with something I bought online. So after stamping the butterfly 3 times I felt committed to using it regardless of whether I liked the paper.

I think I'm going to have to start using my camera on my cards instead of scanning them. The sentiment is popped up and the punched butterfly now has a crumpled wing. Oh, well! I didn't have ribbon I could use on this card although I don't know where I would have used it.. .. well, yes I do, but without a bow.
Used my Nestabilities again! Discovered I already had the MS border punch I would have bought again if Michael's had it the other day. Sheesh! Also used her classic butterfly and frond punches. I used liquid pearls around the large scalloped circle. Just happened to have mellow yellow although it looks like gold in real life. Purple glitter glue on the stamped image and rhinestones for the flowers and punched butterflies.
Couldn't post this until after The Bachelorette tonight. I'm so glad she finally got rid of Wes. What a real jerk! I like all 3 of the remaining bachelors, but it still sounds like it's going to be a rocky road. I really don't know which one I would chose. Anyone else hooked?
Good night and sweet dreams.. ..{{{hugs}}}

Friday, July 3, 2009


Created by Lisa, and it's mine! All mine! What a fantastic job she did with matching the colors to my background. I love the stack of heart shaped papers she used in the center. The ribbon on the bottom with the bling. The flowers tie right in with the flowers on the background. Isn't the puppy just the cutest? Jordan would be jealous. I have always loved butterflies to the extent I have a tattoo on my shoulder. The bees remind me of my daughter, Debbie aka. Bee. Oh, Lisa, I just love it! Lots of {{{hugs}}} sweetie.. ..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thinking of you.. ..

This card came about over a period of days. When I was cleaning up.. ..moving things around is more like it.. .. I had this image already colored. The background was already down on the card, but they weren't meant to go together. I don't know what I had in mind for the card, but I really wasn't all that happy with the image. Actually, it looks like they were made for each other.. .. so I added the image and proceeded to set it aside.

Later when I discovered a baggie with the Prima flowers and the scrap of ribbon, I added those to the card. I wasn't sure whether I had too many rhinestones, but I don't think so.. .. do you?

I computer generated the sentiment using "Bitch Cakes" font. Love that name! It's so easy to remember and I love the "I's" dotted with the hearts. Sort of a surprise considering it's name. It's one of my favorites of the 1,000's I've downloaded.

I had so much fun putting this together, I'm off to see what else is hidden. Maybe I'll post another one later today. It's going to be another HOT day here so I'm staying in for the most part. I've been craving Chow Mien so I just might have to drive to Panda Express to satisfy my thirst.

Thanks for looking.. .. {{{hugs}}}

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, sorta! We're having very HOT weather for this time of the year. It's normally still in the 70's but we're pushing 90. YUK! I have a little bit of a breeze outside under the awning which is nice when I need to take Jordan out or have a smoke. And of course I've got the A/C going full bore inside. I just have to stay away from it blowing directly on me.

My refrigerator is still not fixed. The service guy has not returned any of my calls. I certainly hope he is alright since it's not like him to leave me hanging. I finally called the manufacturer today. There was no record of a call for tech assistance on my coach. Hmmmmm! I've got a fax from them that the service guy filled out and faxed back. Anyway, I now have a service number and am waiting for another mobile repair to call me back. This is really getting old!

Just experienced another problem! No hot water!! Well, damn! Pulled out all the paper work on the trailer looking for the hot water heater manual. I've got it solved for now, but I'm not comfortable. Since I'm parked I can operate on electricity. Gas freaks me out. I don't know how to cook with it so if it weren't for the microwave everything would be eaten cold or raw. LOL! I'm such a wimp! Anyway, the hot water heater is heating with the propane for now. At least I can take a shower but I'm gonna have this new guy take a look see when ever he gets out here.

I completed my first blog hop today. Maybe I'll win something, then again, maybe I won't. I only win when I play Lotto on my birthday or go to lunch with one of my BFF's and play draw poker. I have spent more time blurfing again (in addition to hoping or flyin'). Decided it was time to change the background on my blog. I like it. What do you think? I have asked dear Lisa to design a banner for me. I'm excited to see what she comes up with. Figuring out how to add it to my blog will be a problem. Had enough trouble trying to figure out how to change the background. I don't remember having trouble the first time I did it. It did help to discover the instructions. DUH! I get myself into all kinds of trouble "not reading" the fine print. I've had to return several items I ordered online that weren't what I expected. If I'd read the description instead of just looking a the picture .. .. oh, well.

Well, my dears, more blurfing before I jump into the shower .. .. waiting for hot water now. Ta Ta