Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky me!

NOT! If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

My day started out great. It wasn't even raining which was nice since I had a 2:00 to donate blood. I left around 1:00 and stopped by the office to pay my bill and drop off mail. They were gone for 15 minutes (potty call). That's cool, I'll just stop on my way back.

Stopped at Target to return a water filter system that wouldn't fit in my refrigerator (will explain another time). We have well water here so I want to filter the water. Bought another tape runner (Yay, now I can work). Sure wish I'd find the 2 I already have somewhere.

Well, it's off the give my precious blood. The woman who checked me in liked my Crocs (red) with a Minnie and Mickey pog (not sure what they are called but someone is making a lot of money on them). She's a Mickey fan. So I'm a Bear fan. Yadda, yadda! The nurse out in the mobile van was also enjoyable to chat with and I was having a marvelous time. My luck kicked in......I couldn't donate today. I have one more day of antibiotics to take. I understand, I'll just find another place to donate before I have to go in for lab work.

So, now what, the library is open. I'll stop on my way home (it doesn't get better). I realized I only had a Washington county library card. I'm now living in Clackamas county. I just need a new card. The address on my drivers' license is not where I'm currently living (I will just have to explain that one later also). Looks like no books for me today, but then I didn't have my list anyway.

I know they are all little things but I felt I deserved a treat. That's how my brain works! I am proud of myself though, I didn't stop for a juicy hamburger and fries (only because I didn't see a Carl's). I will have a little coconut rum in my International Coffee this evening though.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've lost it!

No, not my mind. At least not yet. But it's a contributing factor to my last post.

I recently lost some 'Jolee' seagull diecuts I had purchased for a specific card. Do you think I could find them when I finally needed them? Of course not! I thought I knew exactly where they were. Wrong! I looked everywhere. I really didn't want to order more. The only place I had been able to find them required I order 6 pkgs.. Two weeks later I finally broke down and ordered more. Turns out I don't like the seagull on the card after all. Go figure!

Well, I just ran out of tape in my tape runner. I have 2 new cartridges.....somewhere! I have looked everywhere for them. In the process, I found the lost seagulls. I have seagulls coming out my say the least, and NO TAPE! GRRRRR! I will buy another cartridge when I'm out tomorrow. I can always use them.

What am I going to do with 48 little seagulls? I do have 2 projects where I will need a couple, but that leaves 46.

I'm a very organized person, you can ask any of my closest friends and family. Now, do you think someone can be too organized?

Friday, March 27, 2009

What, when, come?

Nothing changes! At least not for me. I'm not going to blame anyone else either. We are all responsible for our own lives. If it's attitude, then mine stinks. I just don't know why or how to fix it.

Well, I probably do, I just can't motivate myself enough to make the changes. If I can't manage to do the normal daily things, I sure the heck don't know how I'm going to start exercising. I have always hated to sweat! And I know, I know, I've heard it all before! My diet is out of control. I like very few vegetables and fruit. Peanut butter has become my main protein. I don't eat it straight out of the jar anymore. Oh, I used too, until I wound up in the ER one night with chest pains. That was a wasted evening for everybody. Even the nurses and doctors were laughing when it was decided that it probably was caused from too much PB. They had all grabbed the jar of PB for a shot of protein at one time or other in the lives. Only to me, do I wind up in ER.

And that was before retirement. Since I retired, I definitely have less stress. I bought an RV and traveled for a year. Being single, that was long enough, to hook and unhook the car or the water, etc. to the motor home. Don't get me wrong I like being single. I have a larger motor home and am surrounded with all my craft "stuff" (and little dog). That's where I want to be, but something is wrong and I need to fix it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Surfing!

I'm going to make myself out a schedule just like I had when I was in school. All I do now is bounce around from the computer to the sofa (to read or watch TV) back to the computer on to the kitchen or bedroom and back to the computer or sofa. Notice I keep missing my craft table! This is not good. I keep telling myself I am getting organized and I truly am, but if I get any more organized I won't be able to find anything. I know that doesn't make any sense but if I keep re-organizing things, how am I going to remember where it is?

I want to get busy using my stamps. I'm new to the medium so I do have questions. Thank goodness for the forums at SCS. I would have ruined my clear stamps if I hadn't asked. So much for the "No more shopping" label I have on my computer. I needed something besides the Stazon black ink and a safe cleaner. I'll just use the rubber stamps for now. I'm including the "craft table" on my schedule.

Part of that schedule includes getting to bed earlier so I don't sleep until noon. As it is today I lost a day! I thought everyone else was mixed up, it was only Thursday in my mind. Well, I'm going to start tomorrow . . . .

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just another day!

Well, I started this blog, now what to do about it. I just not sure how this is going to go but I intend to have fun trying.

Wednesday was my birthday. I went out to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant with a dear friend. We have been friends for a long time now. We met at the local scrapbook store (now sad) so we have a lot in common (paper). After lunch we went to Paper Zone to browse. It had been a while since either of us had been into the store. I was surprised to find fewer stamps and so much more scrapbook supplies. Of course I found a couple of items I had to have (I keep telling myself that). Since they didn't have what I was looking for we decided to go to Main Street Stamp. This was the first time I have discovered the SALE table. There was a box of Basic Grey paper for 30%. Happy Birthday to me! So I added to my stash. I should mention that some paper is just to pretty to cut into. I appreciate it everytime I see it looking for paper to use for a layout or card.

All in all it was a good birthday and I enjoyed spending time with my friend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you are a Scrapbooker you understand where I'm coming from. It just seems to accumulate! It's everywhere! I like it! I buy it! And not just one piece. You have to have 2 pieces just in case a layout requires more. Usually, it doesn't! And then there are the scraps. Well, you can't throw them away. Heaven forbid you might nee it later. So now what to do with all the paper you have lying around. . . make cards. Can you see where this is going? More cardstock!