Monday, June 29, 2009

At last, Miss Anya!

Well, one from the set of three. Couldn't handle the argyle socks in one of the images. I love these little girls. I don't want them to grow up and get married either!! Let Willow have the spotlight. The new little Anya babies are so adorable, but I will refrain from buying more stamps until I've used the ones I do have at least once. LMAO! That will be a while at the rate I'm going.

The dp is from Basic Grey's collection "Aged & Confused". I'm not kidding either! All my favorite colors. I can't believe I used the same colored pen for her dress that I used on my bird in an earlier post. Le Plumme are water based so maybe that has something to do with it.

Used my Nesties again. =) The ribbon was lying around from another card. Since I hadn't used any blue coloring the image I thought I would use it. The rhinestones added more blue so it doesn't stand out by itself. The sentiment is from SU. I think it was a hostess gift at one time. I bought it from the Webstore. Used a punch I've had for a long time for the leaves tucked in with the hydrangeas from MM.

Need to get a sweater. I'm freezing! The A/C is blowing directly on me. My nose is cold. Catch ya'll on the flip side . . . . {{{hugs}}}

Chit Chat!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Everyday is like the weekend for me since I retired. I do avoid shopping on the weekend when everyone else is out and about. We've had such beautiful weather lately that I've been able to get somethings cleaned up outside. No more crap under the travel trailer! The small trash can I keep outside for cigarette butts and dog poop baggies (gross) blew over and rolled under the trailer this past winter along with all the pine cones and needles. YUK! I really felt like I accomplished a lot getting that all cleaned up.

I did spend sometime "blurfing" my favorite blogs yesterday. I really try to do that daily to see what everyone is doing. Decided to start at the bottom of my list since I usually don't make it through the entire list. I just keep finding more people out there that do such great work that my list keeps growing. Noticed my web counter reached 1,000. Since I started at 200 and every time I open my blog I register as a visitor, I guess it's no big deal. LMAO! I'm am pleased to have a few followers who aren't family and really appreciate their comments.

I did make a change on my blog. NO MORE word verification! Where do they come up with these: fulkshi, busni, ovent, ratic, tessu, gration, phide, relyc, primpa? They almost, almost look like a word. Since I didn't learn to read phonetically, I can't pronounce them. At least the words on blogspot are legible. Some are so blurry, you screw up, you get another word! Someone should publish a dictionary. Looking for a name for a new product, just check out "word verification" for dummies.

With any luck, I will have a card to post later today. I finally colored one of my Miss Anya stamps. I'm just trying to find a sketch I like and the paper and embellies I want to use. I don't make this easy for myself! I want my cards to look like all the other beautiful cards out there. I know, I know, but I see it up close and personal. I scan them but wonder if I shouldn't use my camera. What do you think? Hmmmm! Also, if I keep this up, I'm going to have to figure out a way to sell them. Any suggestions regarding that? Want to do it locally not of Etsy or any other online site.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Belated Wishes. . .

Needed a card for a friend's birthday. Missed the actual date by a couple of days. If I hadn't run into her husband while I was doing laundry on Monday, I wouldn't have known. If she hasn't picked up her mail yet, she'll see it here first.

Love this Heidi Grace dp. Perfect for this cute image from Pink Petticoat. In searching my stash for ribbon to match, this was the only one that came close. Wasn't very happy with it until I realized he had flowers in his mouth. Is my luck changing? LOL! I did forget to add my fav Glitter Glue to the flowers. Oh, well, too late now!

It's going to be hot here (Oregon) today. Anything over 80 is HOT! Thank heaven for air conditioning! I couldn't survive without it although I don't like the cold air blowing on me. I know, I know, what can I say? Have no plans, as usual, to go anywhere. Managed to get all my grocery shopping done yesterday before the weekend rush. I really don't like the crowds or traffic. I'm a "curmudgeon"!

Hope everyone spends the weekend doing whatever they love to do. {{{hugs}}}

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks for all the encouragement!

It's exactly what I needed to get my "tushie" in gear! I had stamped a bunch of images several days ago, but then got into a slump. Just a lot of little things contributed to my feeling down. Mind you, the refrigerator is still freezing up. No new part, yet! No milk or eggs either! Anyway, it'll get fixed eventually. So being creative instead of mopping around . . . . here's what I did today . . . This stamp "Duet Birds" from Inkadindado is one of the first stamps I bought. I fell in love with this image. Colored with my Le Plumme pens. I recently bought a Cuttlebug so I could get some of these embossing files. There are a lot I would like to have, but for now I will settle for the Swiss Dots and this one (?????can't remember what it's called). Since I now have the CB, I wanted some of the Nestabilities. Voila! What fun!

Here's to more creativity for me and thee!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remiss. . . a drift!

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I have been spending a lot of time "blurfing" my favorite blogs, inspired by all their beautiful work. Actually, intimidated is more like it. I don't ever hope to be nearly as creative, but I already accepted that with my scrapbooking. We all have our own styles. So why am I at a standstill?

I keep finding all these things I want or feel I need to have to help me be more creative. I really can't wait for my Nestabilities to arrive next week. Today I did stamp out several images so that I would have a selection to play with. Just using a stamp is still a bit of a new process for me. Seems I mess up ever fifth stamp! I love the Miss Anya images, but until I stamped them, I didn't realize how detailed they were. Oh boy! They will definitely be a challenge for me to color.

I had hoped to emboss a couple of images but that didn't happen. Finally have some new chalk and the Chalk Enhancer as demonstrated on Stamp TV which I want to try. My Prisma pencils are all sharpened but haven't been used either. Hmmmm! Gamosol or Baby Oil? Maybe I'm wanting to try too much all at once. I'm a perfectionist who can't stand failure. Too anal for my own good! My own worst enemy! Gee . . . familiar phrases I've heard all my life!

Hope your weekend has been better . . . {{{hugs}}}

Monday, June 15, 2009

Couldn't wait to post . . .

I've been working on this Flowahbella for over a week (not 24-7 obviously). If it wasn't the wrong color hair, it was the smudged glitter glue on the flowers. This is my first attempt at paper piercing. I don't know that I could have picked an image with a smaller piece (her top) to cut out. My new Cutter Bee scissors worked great. I'm really pleased with how she turned out. I used Diamond Glaze on the flower pot and popped it up.

Also used my new Martha Stewart leaf punch that I finally found at Wal-Mart. I wish I had not left a border around the printed paper, but how many times can you re-do something? I'm way to anal for my own good sometimes! I need to add a sentiment, but I'm not sure what or where, so it's not complete. Stampin' Up has the perfect punch I'd like to use. Hmmmmm!
These little cuties, Love Fairies, are from Two Scoops Rice. This card needs a sentiment also. "Need a hug?" works for me, the where is the problem.

I also used my new Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dot embossing file on the green cardstock. The designer paper was downloaded from Paper Craft Inspirations. Not that I need MORE paper, but how great to print out 4x6 coordinating paper.

A lot of firsts for me today while my laundry keeps piling up. I certainly wouldn't have the freedom to let everything else go if I was any younger with children still at home or "the ball and chain" (I do believe in marriage, just not for me anymore).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A couple Emerson Quillin

Already had these Emerson Quillin 's stamped. Grabbed some scraps and came up with these two cards.

The inside is blank for now. I like to put in a sentiment if one so moves me. Just bought those flowers this week. They really are very pretty. Good thing you can't really tell the color of the olives in the martini. I don't have an olive green pen. They almost look like a pickle stuffed with a pimento. LOL!

Found the sentiment used on the outside of this next card somewhere on SCS. Wish I could remember so I could give them credit. They had used it with the same image.

The inside reads, "Have a great day and stay out of trouble". I'm always afraid I'll get a flat tire or have a blow out on the freeway. Sure don't have the other problem to contend with anymore, thank you very much.

It's back to the work table. I've been working on paper piecing a bella stamp. I've got that down but didn't like what happened when I added my glitter glue to the flowers. Gotta re-do it or I just won't be happy with it. n Just glad to get these posted for now.


Note that's in CAPITALS! This last week was a busy one for me. It was the doctor, the dentist and the groomer (both Jordan and I got our nails done). When I have appointments in town, I always try to get some other errands done. Don't we all! I decided Friday I was going to be a slug and stay in my jammies all day. My books were due back at the library so I extended the due dates. My luck, the one book I hadn't finished reading had to be returned. Someone else was waiting for it. Fortunately, I finished it and returned it that afternoon.

That left the rest of the afternoon and evening for me to work on some cards. I've wanted to use the digi stamp "All About Cupcakes" from The Cutting Cafe. After selecting the cupcake, I transferred it to a word document and resized it. I immediately saved it since I've been having problems with Microsoft Word. Something to do with my HP printer. Too complicated for me to understand! I printed it on white cardstock and DP for the bottom. When I went to print it again for the top, it wouldn't print. The paper has a little sheen to it (so does the DP I had already printed). I don't know how many times I tried. When all else fails "shut down"! Now I can't find the word document. I've had my fill with computer problems lately.

I still haven't found the missing stamp I wanted to use several days ago. I'm going on a thorough search this afternoon. It's got to be around here somewhere, "things don't just get up and walk away". Eventually it will turn up, however, my patience is often short. It's certainly not like I can't use other stamps.

I'm still waiting for the MicroGlaze that I ordered so that I can color my digi stamps, maybe. The Le Plumme pens I have are water based so there might be a problem. Also ordered the chalk enhancer demonstrated by Gina K. Of course that could also make the ink bleed without using the MicroGlaze which might not work with the pens either.

My Cuttlebug arrived this week so maybe I need to play with that. Anything to get me out of the dumps! Here's hoping I have some cards to post this evening. Thanks for listening . . . .

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Hugs!

Finally got these cards done last night for my twin grandchildren. Both of these images are from Pink Petticoat's "Big Hugs" collection. I love all of her images. Liz uses chalk to color her images for a soft color and adds glitter for sparkle.

It's a little messy, but you can't see that. I'll get it down or die trying! Lucked out on the button. Discovered I don't have very many white buttons in my collection. This one has glitter on it. Go figure!

The only place for glitter on this guy is his collar. Trust me, it's there. Used my new Martha Stewart border punch. Love it! Discovered she's partnered with EK Success for her line of scrapbooking supplies. She now has an entire aisle at Micheal's (they have been on sale for 25% for the past 2 weeks).

Now I need to get to the post office for stamps. Bought a couple up at the office for the last cards I recently mailed, but I have a box to send back to Joann's, so I have to go regardless.

Survived the storm on Thursday. They interrupted scheduled programming about 3:45 pm to worn of severe thunder and lighting approaching. When I didn't see any dark clouds I wondered what the big deal was. Sure found out in a hurry! What they failed to mention was the possibility of a TORNADO. What the H---! In Oregon? I was calling for Auntie Em when the winds started. We didn't reach winds that high, but it was a fast moving store. Sure made a BIG mess deadheading plants and trees.

Planning (hoping and a wishing) to spend some time scrapbooking today. Goal: 1 layout, 1 card.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For a change!

Since I seem to have all these road blocks in front of me, I'm at a standstill when it comes to making cards. It'll me another 2 weeks before the MicroGlaze I need arrives so that I can use the digital stamps I so desperately want to use. No one locally seemed to have the stuff on their shelves. One of the stores was willing to order it for me. I could have ordered it myself online but it would take just about as long plus I would have to pay for shipping.

Anyway, I haven't scrapbooked in over a year. I can't die until I have all my pictures in albums. Many (like these) are from OLD photo albums. They weren't being preserved properly so I set about re-doing the albums. I'm hoping that this will inspire me to get on with the task I've set for my self. I'd like to scrap a page and make a card daily. I don't thank that is too much to expect when I have nothing else to do with my time.

These are pages from my DD's album. She just celebrated her 45th birthday June 1 so you can see I've got a ways to go. Actually, I haven't scrapped photos in any order. It's been sort of a hit and miss selection for me. I scanned these layouts since they were not in the album yet. I don't like post bound albums since I don't scrap in chronological order. I need to take out layouts that might follow in order to insert the layout where it belongs. It's a real pain "you know where"!

Photos back in "the olden days" were definitely not the quality we have today. I have had to scan a lot of them and try to fix them. Unfortunately, I never really know what it is I'm supposed to fix. Auto fix doesn't work well for me so I just muddle through and hope for the best.

Now, let's see what I can do.