Saturday, June 13, 2009


Note that's in CAPITALS! This last week was a busy one for me. It was the doctor, the dentist and the groomer (both Jordan and I got our nails done). When I have appointments in town, I always try to get some other errands done. Don't we all! I decided Friday I was going to be a slug and stay in my jammies all day. My books were due back at the library so I extended the due dates. My luck, the one book I hadn't finished reading had to be returned. Someone else was waiting for it. Fortunately, I finished it and returned it that afternoon.

That left the rest of the afternoon and evening for me to work on some cards. I've wanted to use the digi stamp "All About Cupcakes" from The Cutting Cafe. After selecting the cupcake, I transferred it to a word document and resized it. I immediately saved it since I've been having problems with Microsoft Word. Something to do with my HP printer. Too complicated for me to understand! I printed it on white cardstock and DP for the bottom. When I went to print it again for the top, it wouldn't print. The paper has a little sheen to it (so does the DP I had already printed). I don't know how many times I tried. When all else fails "shut down"! Now I can't find the word document. I've had my fill with computer problems lately.

I still haven't found the missing stamp I wanted to use several days ago. I'm going on a thorough search this afternoon. It's got to be around here somewhere, "things don't just get up and walk away". Eventually it will turn up, however, my patience is often short. It's certainly not like I can't use other stamps.

I'm still waiting for the MicroGlaze that I ordered so that I can color my digi stamps, maybe. The Le Plumme pens I have are water based so there might be a problem. Also ordered the chalk enhancer demonstrated by Gina K. Of course that could also make the ink bleed without using the MicroGlaze which might not work with the pens either.

My Cuttlebug arrived this week so maybe I need to play with that. Anything to get me out of the dumps! Here's hoping I have some cards to post this evening. Thanks for listening . . . .

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