Monday, June 29, 2009

Chit Chat!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Everyday is like the weekend for me since I retired. I do avoid shopping on the weekend when everyone else is out and about. We've had such beautiful weather lately that I've been able to get somethings cleaned up outside. No more crap under the travel trailer! The small trash can I keep outside for cigarette butts and dog poop baggies (gross) blew over and rolled under the trailer this past winter along with all the pine cones and needles. YUK! I really felt like I accomplished a lot getting that all cleaned up.

I did spend sometime "blurfing" my favorite blogs yesterday. I really try to do that daily to see what everyone is doing. Decided to start at the bottom of my list since I usually don't make it through the entire list. I just keep finding more people out there that do such great work that my list keeps growing. Noticed my web counter reached 1,000. Since I started at 200 and every time I open my blog I register as a visitor, I guess it's no big deal. LMAO! I'm am pleased to have a few followers who aren't family and really appreciate their comments.

I did make a change on my blog. NO MORE word verification! Where do they come up with these: fulkshi, busni, ovent, ratic, tessu, gration, phide, relyc, primpa? They almost, almost look like a word. Since I didn't learn to read phonetically, I can't pronounce them. At least the words on blogspot are legible. Some are so blurry, you screw up, you get another word! Someone should publish a dictionary. Looking for a name for a new product, just check out "word verification" for dummies.

With any luck, I will have a card to post later today. I finally colored one of my Miss Anya stamps. I'm just trying to find a sketch I like and the paper and embellies I want to use. I don't make this easy for myself! I want my cards to look like all the other beautiful cards out there. I know, I know, but I see it up close and personal. I scan them but wonder if I shouldn't use my camera. What do you think? Hmmmm! Also, if I keep this up, I'm going to have to figure out a way to sell them. Any suggestions regarding that? Want to do it locally not of Etsy or any other online site.


Patti J. said...

Grand idea, starting at the bottom of the list - never thought of that! Tomorrow's my last work day, so hopefully, I will soon be playing catch-up too! (or at least playing at playing!) lol

Allissa (Lisa) said...

Hi sweetheart, as you know iv been in banner land of late & when I popped over earlier didnt read this can slap me later for that! anyways, just reading it all 4 cups of tea later....only kidding lol. I think your cards are FAB! & think you been pulling our lil ole legs me dearest haha!

Your colouring is amazing you lil chicken you. As for selling your cards, maybe try your local hairdressers, Dentists, Dr's etc places where ppl have to wait & dont say the train station lol

Give it ago. Thinking of selling mine in a batch just cheaply, atleast I loved making them and even if I get enough back to buy another stamp il be happy.

Hope any of this may help poppet. Ps...glad you like my Lion card...he's a cutie eh.

Love Lisa,xxx