Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've lost it!

No, not my mind. At least not yet. But it's a contributing factor to my last post.

I recently lost some 'Jolee' seagull diecuts I had purchased for a specific card. Do you think I could find them when I finally needed them? Of course not! I thought I knew exactly where they were. Wrong! I looked everywhere. I really didn't want to order more. The only place I had been able to find them required I order 6 pkgs.. Two weeks later I finally broke down and ordered more. Turns out I don't like the seagull on the card after all. Go figure!

Well, I just ran out of tape in my tape runner. I have 2 new cartridges.....somewhere! I have looked everywhere for them. In the process, I found the lost seagulls. I have seagulls coming out my say the least, and NO TAPE! GRRRRR! I will buy another cartridge when I'm out tomorrow. I can always use them.

What am I going to do with 48 little seagulls? I do have 2 projects where I will need a couple, but that leaves 46.

I'm a very organized person, you can ask any of my closest friends and family. Now, do you think someone can be too organized?

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