Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky me!

NOT! If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

My day started out great. It wasn't even raining which was nice since I had a 2:00 to donate blood. I left around 1:00 and stopped by the office to pay my bill and drop off mail. They were gone for 15 minutes (potty call). That's cool, I'll just stop on my way back.

Stopped at Target to return a water filter system that wouldn't fit in my refrigerator (will explain another time). We have well water here so I want to filter the water. Bought another tape runner (Yay, now I can work). Sure wish I'd find the 2 I already have somewhere.

Well, it's off the give my precious blood. The woman who checked me in liked my Crocs (red) with a Minnie and Mickey pog (not sure what they are called but someone is making a lot of money on them). She's a Mickey fan. So I'm a Bear fan. Yadda, yadda! The nurse out in the mobile van was also enjoyable to chat with and I was having a marvelous time. My luck kicked in......I couldn't donate today. I have one more day of antibiotics to take. I understand, I'll just find another place to donate before I have to go in for lab work.

So, now what, the library is open. I'll stop on my way home (it doesn't get better). I realized I only had a Washington county library card. I'm now living in Clackamas county. I just need a new card. The address on my drivers' license is not where I'm currently living (I will just have to explain that one later also). Looks like no books for me today, but then I didn't have my list anyway.

I know they are all little things but I felt I deserved a treat. That's how my brain works! I am proud of myself though, I didn't stop for a juicy hamburger and fries (only because I didn't see a Carl's). I will have a little coconut rum in my International Coffee this evening though.

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