Wednesday, May 20, 2009


You hear something else that just blows your mind again. I've got little enough brain cells left I can't afford to lose more. That's what I get for listening to the news.

WHY would the Portland School District feel that all school administrators needed to have "Blackberries"? To stay in touch with parents, teachers, current events! They not only bought them, but pay $100 a month so that they have Internet access. The dollar amount is outrageous! They claim they budgeted for it. If it's in the budget you've got to spend it or you won't get it next year. It's been like that since I worked for the Sherwood School District 30 years ago. They can cut music and art classes but not the budget. Something is so wrong with that.

That certainly got my mind off my personal problems for awhile. I'm not answering my phone today. Not that anyone has tried to call. I don't have a lot of friends. Those that I do have are very precious to me. When they hurt, so do I. Two of them are having health issues that could potentially be serious. I only found this out in the last two days so if my phone does ring, I'm not answering. That old saying, "Bad news travels in threes" has me concerned.

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