Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teddy Bear Wishes

I definitely need more colored pens. Softer colors! I ALMOST colored another image. Just couldn't bring myself to do it. This one took me long enough to color. I already knew what paper (more scraps) I was going to use, although you can't see much of the background. Might as well have used a solid color, but then I would have wanted to emboss it and that is another subject all together.

The sentiment is from Stampin' Up! "Lots of Thoughts". The bear is from Great Impressions. I bought both of them from the This is the first time I've used either stamp. I'm determined to use all the stamps I've bought because I HAD to have it (liar, probably could have lived without it) or it was cheap (nothing is cheap on a limited income). I need counseling!

When I decided I wanted to make cards as a means of using up the scraps I've accumulated from scrapbooking, I thought I needed to add stamping. I didn't think that thought through all the way (a long standing problem of mine). I have always learned the hard way because I usually just jump in without testing the water first. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sorry about anything I've jumped into (well, maybe just a little) after all, as my Mother used to say, "you've made your bed, now you've got to lie in it." Sure hope I remember that when I'm living on the streets with my shopping cart full of stamps.


Jodi said...

Your card turned out so sweet and cute!! I love how you colored it too!

Crystal said...

Awww that little bear is just sooo darling!!! love your layout and the added primas...beautiful!