Monday, May 18, 2009

Nuttin' Hunny!

I need to confess, I have spent most of the day (Sunday) on the computer. Doing what? Don't ask! I keep looking at other peoples blogs. I could spend the rest of my life surfing and NEVER get to all of them. And I'm just looking at those I find when looking at cards downloaded on Splitcoast Stampers.

When there is a card I like I always want to look at their blog, if they have one, and most do. I finally decided to download my cards into My Gallery on SCS. I was a little embarrassed to display them on their site. I'm not nearly as good as these girls. They are so talented, but they inspire me.

Anyway, I had an "AH HA" moment this evening. In order to great a blog on you need to have a gmail account. I needed a second email account for something so I already had one which I don't . . . didn't . . . use. Since I am following several blogs (note in the right hand column) I am notified when they publish. Since I wasn't getting notification in hotmail, I decided I had better look at gmail. VOILA! Aside from 825 messages in SPAM, I had quite a number in my inbox.

You see I have forced my friends to read my blog by sending them an email automatically when I publish. They respond and it goes into the inbox at gmail. DUH! Do I feel stupid or what?? I'm on top of it now girls.

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