Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Once again, I've been remiss about posting. I really wish I'd posted on Tuesday after seeing a new doctor. Actually, she used to be my doctor for a short period of time about 14 years ago. I remembered her name because she scarred me. Yes, she did a 'punch biopsy' on a mole! Of course I didn't expect her to remember me and that's all I remember about our brief relationship. We at least had a good laugh and I really liked her. I've cancelled my physical scheduled for May 15 with my old doctor since I will be seeing the doctor next Tuesday instead. Maybe having a new pair of eyes will be a good thing.

She already changed my cholesterol medication to another generic brand (I didn't know there were others). I was dreading having to go back to Crestor which would mean a $40 co-pay. I get a 90 day supply of generic drugs for free with my Supplemental D medicare coverage. My premium went up this year. That could be why, although I'm no longer on the Paxil (paroxitine). Problem is prices usually never go down (notice you only get 5 ounces of tuna fish).

I also stopped taking additional Vitamin C, E and Garlic. She mentioned that the multiple vitamin/mineral vitamin I am taking was enough. Apparently garlic hasn't proven to help your cholesterol and C and E can cause more problems for smokers. Hmmmmm! Easy enough to quite the vitamins. No comments from the 'peanut gallery' either. I have no intention of quitting at this stage in my life.

And with that said, I going to go back to my book. Visit my new blog. . . .

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