Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood

What a difference a day with Sunshine can have on a person. Lots of people working outside in their gardens. The garden centers must have been very busy. For all my good intentions I didn't go shopping again today. The cupboards are looking bare! No peanut butter and English muffins, tortillas and grated cheese. I'll pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave after my shower and go shopping tomorrow.

Yesterday I got hooked on the 14 hour series on the Hallmark channel. The first one was "Love Comes Softly". The actress who plays the roll of Lizzy on Grey's Anatomy was one of the leads. It seemed like a bad time to spend inside with the sun shining outside. I felt really great yesterday. I'm 2 weeks weening off the Paxil. I've had a couple of bad days with headaches, aching all over, fatigue. Plan to call my doctor tomorrow to ask if I can take extra Aleve (which I take for minor arthritis already).

Of course I have played around on the computer some just to see what I can do on my blog. I've added a counter, a place to sign in to follow my 'daily diary', a calendar (just because I could) and a place to keep track of all the books I've read, currently reading and those I plan to read. Also found a website I'm going to follow. I love her work. She uses such bright colors and lots of detail on her work. You can find her blog at Look her up you'll be delighted as I was.

Should get into the shower since it will take forever for my hair to dry. Why am I growing my hair out? Because I want to have long hair one more time. Anyone reading this blog, pleasant dreams

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