Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Oh my, that reminds me of Gomer Pyle. Remember him? Maybe you're too young.

Well, my first surprise of the day was delivered by Federal Express this morning. I wasn't expecting my new (refurbished) cell phone and broadband wireless from CricKet so soon. The broadband seems to be working just fine. Actually I think it's faster for some reason than AT&T. CricKet is working on getting my cell phone number transferred from AT&T. That should be completed tomorrow morning. So much for NOT having to re-enter all my phone numbers. That's going to be a slow process! I've started but I have long nails so it's not easy. I keep pushing the wrong key. I will need to look for wallpaper and ring tones later.

Second surprise came in the mail. One of my dear friends sent me a gorgeous sleep mask. It's made out of black satin with ruffled satin trim and a rose. I'm going to take a nap tomorrow. It'll make me feel 'sexy'! I hope Jordan likes it as much as I do.

Managed to run some errands this afternoon. Jordan was low on food and treats. She's gained a pound which is not good for a little doggy. I was told Chihuahua's had weight problems. Just like her mommy. We both need to lose a few (or more).

Not having a melon around to deal with my list of things to be done, I had to pay someone to have the dinette table unbolted from the floor. I could have done it if I only had the tools. I'm so pleased it worked out the way I had hoped. Turning the table definitely gives me more work space since I can move more across the table from my work area. Picked up a couple of stacking shelves (got rid of the ones I used to have) which helps tremendously. I feel like scrapping or stamping. I can do either in between entering phone numbers.

Still have the rest of the groceries to put away. Found a plastic storage container with straight sides to store my cleaning supplies under the sink. Remember, I live in a travel trailer so space is limited or screwed up. I'm a little 'anal' about organization. Not so much about cleaning these days however, but I did vacuum under the table.

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Claire Brennan said...

We're pushed for space too so I know what you mean about organization - hope the wee doggie is better soon! thanks for stopping by my blog!!