Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soggy Easter Bunny!

How does the Easter Bunny get inside to hide the eggs when it rains? I never thought about it until just now. Santa comes down the chimney, what about the bunny? My kids never asked. Looks like this grandma has to another search for google.
Is this 'little chick' just the cutest? Pink Petticoat has the most adorable downloads. Liz is a very talented artist in the UK. I have a number of her digital stamps. Check out her link in the right hand column.
This is going to be just another lazy day for me unless I decide to vacuum. I have no plans to see my daughter and family today. Unfortunately they are having problems it's best I stay out of the way for now. She knows where I live if she needs me. I haven't spoken to my sister (younger) in 2 years. Pretty sad. She doesn't approve of my lifestyle.
So we all have to live our own lives the way we choose. As long as it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone else, I say 'go for it'!

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