Monday, April 20, 2009


I haven't posted in several days. I've been dealing with added stress. Between my daughter's "martial" status, Jordan had to visit the vet. Every time I picked her up she would cry. I got worse as the day progressed that I was really concerned. If they could only tell you what was wrong. I asked a friend to go with me just in case it was something bad. Fortunately, it seemed to only be a strain back. This is the first vet to ask if she had any dachshund in her. I adopted her so I haven't the slightest idea. Sure doesn't look like it to me.

So what do you think? "A Deer Chihuahua". Everything seems just fine. She's back to herself seemingly no more pain. Thank you, God.

We haven't done much since I needed to watch her. The vet wanted her to stay quiet and "no jumping". She really didn't feel much like it on Saturday. I had no objection to having her sit in my lap while I read. I do lazy very well.

Accomplished a couple of things today. Well, I didn't vacuum like I need to but I didn't call CricKet to order new cell phone and broadband service. I can keep the same number I have as long as I haven't closed the account. That is soooo cool! I was dreading having to contact everyone with the new number and possibly entering all the numbers I already have stored. I've been waiting until my contract ended with AT&T so I wouldn't have to pay for closing my account early. CricKet has no contract, you do have to buy your equipment, but for a considerable less monthly fee I will have unlimited calls, long distance, text (UGH!) and caller ID. They aren't everywhere so the only problem would be roaming and I don't travel that much to worry about it.

Found out the company that manufactured my travel trailer filled Chapter 11 and the RV center where I bought it has gone out of business. All I want to do is move the dinette which is bolted down for travel purposes. I paid for an extended warranty so I'm going to have to find out about that through the management company where they are referring their customers. Certainly hope nothing major happens in the future. It's a 2008 model which won't mean anything in a couple of years. I'm not traveling all over the country with it either which hopefully helps.

It's been a beautiful day and we expect another one tomorrow. I had to turn the furnace on this morning to warm us up. However, I did have to turn on the AC this afternoon. These tin cans aren't very well insulated, well, the walls aren't very thick so can't expect much insulation.

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