Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ta Dah! A new day dawns.

Amazing how good I feel today. When I finally got back up around 9:00 am this morning I was so happy. Three bad days in a row would have been such a bummer! The one good thing I have noticed since I started to quit Paxil is that my good days are really good. I'm motivated to do things, just the simple little every day things I let slide. The light at the end of the tunnel is very bright!

When I retired (6/30/07) I moved into my motor home and took off for the coast. I was a Workamper at an RV Park in Seaside, OR, for awhile. When that didn't work out (a story in itself) I drove back to the Portland area where my daughter and her family live. I stopped along the way to visit friends who live in Lincoln City (also on the beautiful Oregon coast).

Just as I was about to give up on workamping, I was offered a job at a park in Gold Beach. Well, I unhooked the motor home and hooked up the car and headed south. I had never been that far south along the coast. The view driving along highway 101 was breath taking. I felt like I was home. At the end of my 6 month contract it was time to move on (another story). Anyway, I unhooked and hooked once again leaving new friends behind.

Gold Beach is really not the place to be on a limited income. There are no doctors in town taking new patients let alone new medicare patients (I turned 65 in 2008). In a real emergency you would need to be flown to a hospital. Just made me very uncomfortable to think about all the possibilities.

That was a year ago. I have planted myself in Aurora, OR. I traded the RV in for a newer, bigger travel trailer. I have no intention of ever moving. If for some unknown reason I have to move I will have to hire someone to tow the trailer. I'm perfectly happy in my space. I've never had or wanted a large home and all that goes with the responsibility.

Jordan is my companion. She is a little 'deer' Chihuahua. I adopted her after I left Seaside. I had a Shi Tuz before I retired. He had to be put to sleep. If you've ever had to put a pet down you know how terrible it can be. I really didn't think I would get another dog but she is just the right size I'm so grateful to have her. She is such a comfort and joy.

With all this motivation today, I need to get busy so I can get to my crafts . . . . later.


neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Wow, It sounds like you've had an interesting life! Thanks for sharing! I'll be back!



Anonymous said...

Well I'm trying again to comment. Sorry I haven't been too successful so far. Love you! Bev

Anonymous said...

Well that is weird. I had to say that I was anonymous!!!! Bev